Booty Carrell

I started DJing under the name of Booty Carrell around 2002, probably at Club2 in Munich. The name comes from a semi-lucid dream I had around eight in the morning between sleep and waking up. It stuck to me and a lot of people on the street call me by that name. It’s less common than Sebastian and who knows – maybe fits?

Anyhow: Playing records, presenting music to people is certainly what took me to most places. In 2010 I found my love for what I call “music from the second wave of musical globalization” – means I started playing and hoarding vinyl records from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and all over the world but with strong focus on Asian music from the fading vinyl era (mostly 1970s). I put mixes on the web, some of them were well received globally and while this never made me a top paid DJ from the jet set of global club culture (too much to ask for with this kind of music) — I am very thankful I got to play in so many places all over the world. I am thankful for the warm reception, the information, the friendships this has caused. Up to now there have been tours and gigs in Turkey, Pakistan, Spain, Romania, all over Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Roskilde Festival Denmark, Austria, Thailand, England, Croatia and more sharing the decks with Doug Shipton, Andy Votel, Habibi Funk, Anika, Daniel Miller, Maft Sai, Chris Menist, Ladies on Records, Ernesto Chahoud, JJ Whitefield, Zozo, The Dude Of Stratosphear, Benjamin Fröhlich, Dompteur Mooner, Mahssa, DJ Fatou, Afrodermitis, Ion din Dorobanti, Khidja and many more.

I joined the B-Music crew around my favorite record label ever Finders Keepers in 2011. B-Music is also the name of my current series which brings global crate diggers to play at the Golden Pudel Club in Hamburg.

In general the music I play is based on research in specific topics and obsessions. That’s why DJing always opened gates into other territories of music intermediation.