On 5 June 2021, İç İçe is bringing the sounds of Anatolia to Festsaal Kreuzberg!

With live acts, performances, DJ sets, and readings, we’d like to introduce you to sound art with an Anatolian touch.

The Anatolian region has always been a melting pot for various cultural currents and musical traditions. Since well into the 1960s, these traditions have been unfolding in new directions right on our doorstep, playing a vital role in underground music, pop culture, and everything in between and influencing both nightlife and our daily lives.

Presenting a line-up of acclaimed artists, İç İçe offers not one but three stages upon which this diverse and one-of-a-kind cultural exchange will resound!

Come and see fragments of the past reassembled into new visions. As traditional sounds transform into new soundscapes, you’ll witness a sublime fusion in the here and now.

Syllable breakdown:                             [iç i·çe]
IPA:                                                          [itʃʰ itʃʰe]
Pronunciation:                                       itsch itsche
Definition:                                              [1] literal: The one inside the other.
                                                                 [2] figurative: Interlaced with each other; interwoven.

Example:                                                Dans pisti tıklım tıklım, insanlar iç içe.
The dance floor is full – the people are interconnected.