27.05.2022 - Orangerie Körnerpark

Few other cities in Germany stand for postmigrant culture as much as Berlin. Yet even here, it is difficult for postmigrant cultural spaces to survive, let alone emerge - whether due to rapid gentrification that homogenizes inner cities or a white cultural funding landscape. Yet they are urgently needed: In independent spaces, art can emerge that is freer from the expectations of the dominant society. Here, cultural life can take place in a more self-determined way and solidarity between different communities can grow.

On the eve of the İç İçe Festival, journalist and organizer Nabila Abdel Aziz and Melissa Kolukisagil of İç İçe will discuss with guests from the fields of music, art and activism various strategies for creating, supporting and preserving independent, post-migrant cultural spaces under the motto "Biz Bize", in German "unter uns". Joining them will be Tülin Duman, Jaqueline Saki Aslan and Elif Çelik.


Eda Tanses & Levante

A breeze of Anatolia with a touch of the Occident characterize Eda Tanses and band Levante, in addition to an endless loop of different groves and many of their own sounds. Levante takes you on a journey between folklore, fusion and art music in different languages of the Orient, including Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian and Arabic. The spherical sounds of the different instruments meet spirited improvisations of different elements between Orient and Occident and build a bridge beyond thought to the present.

Eda Tanses: Gitarre, Tenbûr, Gesang
Aram Atti: Saz-Büs, Baglama, Geige, Gesang
Markus Wach: Kontrabass, verschiedene Streichinstrumente des Orients
Mirweis Neda: Tabla


Neda Sanai is a Berlin based DJ & and producer that moves in the queer underground scene of Europe. With their skilful mixing of different club genres, including rap, R&B, bass music, Jersey club, 2 step, all mixed up in an ocean of twisted pop acappella, the vibes is always intense-warped-sexy.

As a resident DJ for ByteFM Female:Pressure radio show and after hosting several shows at Berlin Community Radio Nedalot shows how a DJ can move in different sound spectrums and dramaturgic ideas of music. Nedalot has already made a name for herself by opening for acts like DIPLO, A.G Cook and Zebra Katz they are also known for arranging underground queer club nights in Berlin where usually music, art and politics meet. They have also worked artists such as CocoRosie for their album” Grey Ocean”, Massimiliano Pagliaras EP "Toxic Love" and for the debut album “Tessa” by DJ tINI.

Kit Sebastian (DJ-Set)

London-based duo Kit Sebastian (aka Kit Martin and Merve Erdem) captivate their audiences with moments of pure pop bliss, timeless nostalgia and seductive complexity. Their unique sounds weave a psychedelic tapestry of global influences, vintage synths and melancholy élan from the beaches of Bahia to the streets of Istanbul and Paris.

Volkan T error / Sayko Bass

Volkan Terror aka Sayko Bass is one of the pioneers of Turkish Hip Hop, Hardcore & Metalcore. He produced among others the Turkish Hip Hop cult album Rapüstad, composed and developed pieces for various theaters, films and performances and has been on stage as a performer and musician in various productions for quite some time. He currently runs the Houseclub at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, writes for Berlin Bazzar and works on new performances, radio plays, sound collages and podcasts. Under the names Volkan Terror / Sayko Bass he makes slam poetry or hip hop, produces for Ayben and Avaz Kapli or works on lofi beats up to techno. Currently he founded the studio Beatüstad and focuses on Turkotronica a joint project with Ayben & Atif Ülkü or plays E-Baglama / E-Cümbüs at Ottoman Torture ",the most extreme in oriental music" or raps lines on DJ Mahmut Beats.


© Ute Langkafel

Weil wir nicht vergessen

A collective formed in 2021 from the project "Because we do not forget", which was carried out at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin. The young group consists of 15 people The young group consists of 15 people who, through their migrant-situated knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches, express their feelings and demands artistically, focusing on socially critical issues with which they are confronted voluntarily and involuntarily. Stage performances, lyrical texts and documentary film productions are created, which are film productions, which are presented in unison.

In their artistic confrontation they deal with their experiences of racism and deal with a dignified culture of remembrance concerning right-wing violence in Germany.
The focus is on self-empowerment and empowerment in the collective. The group presented their first piece "Weil wir nicht vergessen" (Because we don't forget) in the framework of the
exhibition Offener Prozess, dedicated to the NSU complex, and the Hanau Memorial Day, both at the Maxim Gorki Theater in Berlin.

Wir danken dem Maxim Gorki Theater für die freundliche Aufführungsgenehmigung. Mit diesem Sonderprojekt ist Gorki X Kooperationspartner des Migration Lab Germany der Stiftung Universität Hildesheim (Zentrum für Bildungsintegration). Das Projekt Migration Lab Germany wird gefördert von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Migration, von der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung und von der Stiftung Erinnerung Verantwortung Zukunft. Die Ausstellung, in deren Rahmen das Sonderprojekt stattfand, war eine Kooperation mit Offener Prozess (, ein Projekt des ASA-FF e.V. und fand im Gorki im Rahmen des 5. Berliner Herbstsalons 2021/2022 statt. ’61-’91-’21: Immer wieder Deutschland wurde gefördert aus den Mitteln des Landes Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

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