DATES: Berlin 2022


As the son of Turkish parents and guest workers, he is still where he grew up - in his home town of Moabit. After almost 10 years of writing lyrics, Apsilon has been spending a lot of time in the studio for a good two years now. In terms of content, you get Deutschrap with anti-capitalist analysis without a raised moral finger.

Provocative social criticism without compromise against white-German comfort and resignation. The delivery is pure rage, the sound is trappy and modern. New Wave. Apsilon comes casually around the corner and puts basketball references next to racism criticism, cleverly strings together German idioms while breaking them and thus dribbling with the German language.

His EP "Gast" takes some experiences of the generation of guest workers to spit them back out as contradictions between pain and hope. It processes the false promises of hospitality made to guest workers and shows the defiance of a younger generation that does not want to integrate into the bulwark of people, capital and contempt for humanity. Apsilon is no know-it-all rap, no street 2.0 and gets by without drug glorification, blind hedonism or contempt for women. At the same time, he does not bracket himself out, but acts as part of this young, promising, broken society that lives in contradictions and wants to create something of its own socially and musically after all the disappointments of previous generations.