DATES: Berlin 2023

Cem Kaya

Since the invention of videos and audio cassettes in the 70s, they were the most popular among migrants in germany. In the beginning of this boom more video recorders existed in familys of turkish descent, than in german households. German TV had little to offer for the migrants from certain regions.

Then the audio cassette hit the market and replaced vinyl because of it‘s practicality. Especially that it was able to be played in the car. That‘s how turkish video and music labels conquered the german market at a high speed. All import - export businesses and grocery shops had them in stock. The market was huge and so were the sales.

Cem Kaya, director of ‚Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm / Liebe, D-Mark und Tod‘ (Love, Deutschmarks and Death) discusses the history of this cassette boom. From the perspective of the producers as well as the consumers.