DATES: Berlin 2022

Deniz Mahir Kartal

KafaNar is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Deniz Mahir Kartal, in which he performs various lesser-known instruments like Kaval, Düdük and Çağlama with the help of some electronic equipment and computer. His performance gained its ultimate shape after Deniz started to live in Berlin, but its essence comes from the Anatolian music and rhythms that he performed since years. KafaNar imagines the memories that we all have been accumulating throughout the years as individual grains of a pomegranate. The elements he has been performing in his entire musical life eventually come into existence and become one, just like the grains of a pomegranate. Performance is based on electronic beats played in loop, recordings he plays in the moment of performance and improvisations; with the aim of making the audience travel in their own memories. That is why, imagination, memories and bodies move together during the performance, and they form KafaNar.