DATES: Heidelberg 11.11.2023

Eda Tanses & Alev Percussion

Eda Tanses, is a German-born artist from Mainz. Eda Tanses tells cross-ethnic stories about diversity, spirituality and love in her drawings and her music and builds with these important bridges between Orient and Occident. In addition to numerous art-culture-music projects, which she leads, she is active both as a soloist and with her band Levante throughout Europe. Her music, which consists mainly of original compositions, also includes a diverse mixture of folkloric sounds of Anatolia, mixed with a touch of the Occident and an always continuous groove.

German-Turkish percussionist Alev, with roots in Konya and the North Sea coast, combines two worlds in her set: traditional Anatolian instruments like darbuka and bendir meet snare and hi-hat. In collaboration with Eda Tanses, she makes the tenbur's voice shine full of feeling and provides the necessary fire for Prince Emrah's performance.