DATES: Munich 2023

EsRAP & Gasmac Gilmore

EsRAP have become a role model of Austrian resistant pop art with a migrant background through their releases and concerts in recent years and enjoy corresponding media attention.

The siblings Esra and Enes Özmen grew up in the old Viennese working-class district of Ottakring and in their mixed German/Turkish lyrics deal with questions of identity, being foreign in their own country as children of the third generation, the necessity of rebellion experienced in their own bodies, rap as resistance and also being a woman in the male-dominated hip hop world. In contrast to the usual division of roles in this, Esra contributes the hard and fast rhymes, while her brother Enes with his sensitive voice takes over the more melodic vocal parts. Musically, EsRAP finds inspiration in the Turkish oriental genre of arabesque, which they like to combine with modern beats.

The release of their debut album "Tschuschistan" (Springstoff 2019 ) was shortly followed by the EP "Freunde dabei", which was produced together with GASMAC GILMORE.
With GASMAC GILMORE, the two siblings got a top-class band on board, which not only provided an additional boost of intensity live, but also proved to be a logical musical expansion in the direction of "Balkan Sounds with Spaghetti Western Touch" since the anthem "Freunde dabei". The joint song catalog has grown properly in the meantime, and in June 2021 they delivered a long overdue laid back anthem to beloved Vienna Ottakring with the song "OTK feat. Gasmac Gilmore". After EsRAP subsequently focused on the release of their second album "Mamafih", new material was recorded with Gasmac Gilmore in late 2022. Of these, the song "Reden über Wien", released in February 2023, is the first harbinger of an upcoming joint album to be released in September 2023.