DATES: Berlin 2022

Jacqueline Saki Aslan

Play - Stop - Rewind - Repeat.
While we wipe our lives and think, never mind, 2023 will be an awesome year anyway, we remember our parents and grandparents, who came to Ewrupa alone under the hardest conditions, so that we can celebrate Germany's economic miracle today. Countless kilams and return kilams on tapes wandered between assembly line hands and homelands to bear struggle and longing at the push of a button. Playing tapes on loop helped survival. Loops meant infinity - just like the circle dance. What does that do to us when we have to go in search of that circle?

"Retour-Kilams an Kofferkinder" deals with the theme of absence and survival and reclaims techno as a Kurdish healing space. In a yezidisfuturistic act, the soloist conjures the choir to respond to her kilams. She knows: the circle has its own rules, bitches.

Concept &Performance: Jacqueline Saki Aslan
Composition & sound design: Afra Bobo & Jacqueline Saki Aslan
Co-dramaturgy: Marco Merenda
Choreographic advice: Sujin Lee
Stage: Clarissa Schreiber & Jacqueline Saki Aslan