DATES: Berlin 2023

Johan Papaconstantino

Johan Papaconstantino made his debuts mixing funk and electro records on his family’s turntables, while listening to the Greek music his father liked so much. His Corsican mother was more fond of RnB and French pop. An unhappy love affair was enough for him to call his first song « Pourquoi tu cries? », immediately noticed by the public. Around his bouzouki and his voice – that is more sensual than indolent – keyboards, clarinet, machines, electric guitar, tambourine, autotune and vocoder blend together. He decided to call this debut album Premier Degré, like a game of mirrors and reflection. There is something frankly irresistible in Johan Papaconstantino’s songs, something that makes you want to listen to them on repeat, with a smile on your lips, body moving to the recurring rhythms of these songs that carry you straight to the dancefloor.