DATES: Berlin 2021


Berlin’s DJ icon, queer-activist and producer İpek İpekçioğlu, the multi-instrumentalist, composer and sound designer Ceyhun Kaya and the culturally confused singer Petra Nachtmanova present their new and innovative collaboration: a fine and powerful mix of ancient Anatolian songs, Eastern European melodies, living and dead languages, Electronic sounds and mind-blowing instrumental solos on the Clarinet, Saxophone and Synthesizer. Inspired by poetry from the 11th century until today, poems by Yunus Emre, Omar Hayyam, Eastern European folk tales as well as modern Western poetry, Karmatürji embeds its lyrics in a soundscape of the electronic present. Petra Nachtmanova sings in Turkish, Polish, Persian and Russian mixed with English, German and even Latin. The two largest immigrant communities in Germany being from Turkey and Poland, this is a truly Berliner project reflecting the origins of the band members and the cultural landscape of the city.

Petra Nachtmanova – Voc, Saz, Synthesizer
Ceyhun Kaya – Fx, Intruments, Sax, Clarinett, Buzuki, Ewi, Voc
İpek İpekçioğlu – Computer, Beats, Sounds, Voc, Fx,