DATES: Berlin 2023


She was born in 1998 in Frankfurt's Ostend district. Her parents separated at an early age, which is why she grew up with her mother for the first few years - and was given music by her in the cradle. "Others say that, but it was really like that for me," says LIZ. "During my birth, songs by Moses Pelham were playing, my mother was a huge fan of Azad and on my 12th birthday she dumped me. In 2020 ́ she is drawn to Kung Fu Studios, which would become her second home, for her first professional recordings. In 2021 she drops her first mixtape called "Bleibe Echt": the tracks of the 23-year-old are rough and unfiltered, antisocial and aggressive, energetic and honest.

When LIZ entered the scene with the tape, it was like an anarchistic performance art piece that was anything but pleasing.
pleasing. LIZ and her music are loud, uncomfortable, rambunctious and untamable. It earned her the title "Deutschrap's red pen", which cuts out and corrects everything that is not needed in the scene. And people loved it. It was a perfect imperfect premiere of an artist who is uncompromisingly herself and yet allows room for development.
Her debut album "Mona Liza", now due out in spring 2022, is proof of that. And of course it will be released in winter. It's still robber music, you know!