DATES: Berlin 2024

Queerberg Kabaret

Black and Brown Cabaret

We want to honor the thriving culture of BIPOC immigrant, refugee bodies of all shapes and sizes with a modern fusion of cabaret & burlesque by extraordinary performance artists visualizing their story with identity, presence, and audacity. Black & Brown Cabaret Show will present brilliant queer POC performers from various countries and cultures. Stand with us in solidarity with black and brown bodies, queer, trans, and non-binary refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants.


QueerBerg Collective Berlin

QueerBerg Collective Berlin is a BiPOC Collective for queer and trans* artists and performers. Our organizational structure follows the revolutionary queer practise of the Houses as Trans and Nonbinary people have formed them for decades to provide care and solidarity for each other. As all of us have had to flee our homes and countries and depend on the German asylum system, we do not have the resources to build an actual house in Berlin. Nonetheless, since Prens Emrah founded the collective by the end of 2018, QueerBerg has provided a similar support system for refugee artists both on stage as well as in everyday challenges we face as Black and Brown queers and trans* folks from Syria, Palestine, Malaysia, Kurdistan, Turkey, Asian and many more

We regularily perform on stage as dancers, performers, singers, and musicians. Our aim is to represent our art and our position as artists who are both affected by racism in white queer spaces and anti queer and trans violence in non-queer BIPOC spaces. We consider our pride, our sheer existence on stage as already revolutionary. But we also represent an actively anti-racist agenda and make sure to give space to Black trans* women, sexworkers, fat artists and consistently reflect our standing. Furthermore, we continue to enable newcomer artists to find their space on the stages of Berlin.