DATES: Berlin 2023


Rayne is a Berlin based DJ and producer originally from Turkey. She holds a residency at Root Radio, where she hosts her monthly show “Sualtı”, and co-hosts a radio show called “Realismo Magico” on Cashmere Radio with Nelson of the East. She is also a co-founder of the ”Realismo Magico” event series, which brings together a collective of Berlin-based DJs and producers, interpreting the skeins of everyday life to reveal music’s inherently magical properties.

In 2021, rayne released her debut EP “Diyar”, which showcases her diverse musical influences and ability to blend different genres seamlessly into a cohesive sound. Her latest release, "Turkish Drama," was put out on the Berlin-based label Twisting Knobs. The track draws inspiration from Yeşilçam Films and incorporates elements of Anatolian traditional music while exploring deep sonic undercurrents that run through Istanbul, Berlin, and London.