DATES: Berlin 2024

Saeed Asadsangabi & Yazdan Jamshidi

Embark on a journey with a queer Iranian dancer as they excavate the depths of Iran's history, seamlessly melding it with contemporary forms. Through improvisational movement, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of the setar, they shatter the barriers of gender apartheid and binary thinking. This performance is a poignant exploration of identity, defiance, and resilience, inviting audiences to witness the transformative power of movement and sound."

Yazdan Jamshidi born 1998 in Tehran and based in Berlin, he play Setar and Persian music.

Saeed Asadsangabi is a non-binary Dancer and choreographer from Iran and based in Berlin. They came to Germany in 2020 as a refugee. Right now they are busy with The power of improvisation and experimental works and how can we use our bodies in political situation. Saeed is the student of HZT Berlin for Bachelor program since 2022.