DATES: Berlin 2022


Music and party sherryaeri considers as highly political and therefore pays attention not only to the selection of artists sherryaeri plays, but also to the resistance potential of the music genres. Sherryaeri tries to present artists* who don't get as much space as they should and mixes them with Arabic sounds. Sherryaeri focuses mainly on hip hop, baile and mahraganat but takes us through different genres to give us a sense of belonging and celebrate our multidimensional realities. Locating itself in the "genrefluid" category, in order to create space for the joy of marginalized groups, sherryaeri must also feel free for a moment itself and therefore cannot commit to a few specific genres. But one thing is clear: sherryaeri's sounds are always for booty shaking, relieving stress and letting go of the pressure under capitalist, patriarchal white supremacy.