DATES: Mensch Meier 02.09.2023


YA Z AN is a Palestinian DJ and Electrical Engineer currently based in Berlin. Since the
young age of 10, YA Z AN has been mixing electronic music influenced by the music scene
in his home town - Ramallah. Since moving to Berlin, he has been exposed to the techno
scene there, musically and atmospherically. Not limiting himself to one genre of techno; he
plays Minimal, Dub, industrial hard hitting and what he likes to call fluffy Techno.
In 2018, YA Z AN joined the Ramallah based collective UNION not only as a DJ, but also as
a stage designer. He is currently working on different projects between Ramallah and Berlin
including interactive light installations, light based club games and Kontrool; a device that
reads the vitals (heartbeat and muscle movement) of the artist and translate it into light and
audio control variables. YA Z AN has an ever evolving interest in developing technologies
that bring the dancefloor experience closer to the human vitals and anatomy.
His music style has been impacted by artists like his Mentor- Sama' Abdulhadi alongside
Richie Hawtin, Yan Cook, Chris Liebing, KI/KI, Gregor Tresher, Al-nather, Maurice Louca to
name a few.

YA Z AN has had debuts in Berlin, Amsterdam, Belgium, Palestine and Jordan that has
given him the chance to shape his presence infront of a crowd. Playing for collectives like
Union, Recordat, Buttons and Gegen. He has played in Amsterdam Dance Event and on
radio shows like the Golden Hour, and Refuge Worldwide.