DATES: Berlin 2021

Gaddafi Gals

Gaddafi Gals was founded in 2016 by the three musicians blaqtea, slimgirl fat and walter p99 arke$tra. All three have already worked solo or in various formations, including the projects such as Ebow and Nalan381. The EP The Death of Papi, which was recorded in Berlin in a very short time, was released the following year on SeaYou Records. Already the first single Fila met with great response, even the New York Times reported. Later, the title track and Gaze were released along with the accompanying video.

After the trio played as part of the German delegation at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, they spent the following year working on the album TEMPLE, which was released in the fall of 2019, in which the group also went on a tour of Germany, and significantly developed the sound design.
In parallel, the three also cover other artistic areas. So you could see, among other things, their installation GG-World in the Artothek Munich, or a commissioned work at the Vienna Festival .

In 2021, after the Covid-related lockdown provoked an excessive number of solo releases, the long-awaited successor will finally be released. Sound-wise, let it be said, the Gaddafi Gals move from the spiritually-interwoven sampleteppichen of the last album in the direction of a synthesized, poppier, nevertheless hard sound. The theme, how could it be otherwise, is dying and love.