DATES: Berlin 2023

Leila Moon

LEILA MOON’s eclectic music style is a culmination of her col-
lective influences and intercultural experiences. She grew up watching anime and bollywood, listening to raï music, arab pop, french chansons, american folk and jazz. As an Algerian girl, she grew up in a small town in Switzerland. By songwriting and producing, music connected her with her roots and the desire to share it with others molded her identity. Today she enjoys gifting her audience with sounds from all around the world, focusing on different genres in arabic music. Throughout the set her identity is reflected in the form of energetic musical storytelling, promising an unforgettable night.

In addition to DJing, her creative calling is in producing her
own music and collaborating with others. Leila is currently
touring with “Dansöz”, a theatrical piece by Tümay Kılınçel, for
which she is the sound designer, live musician and producer.

Leila Moon is also part of the Female Lab* Coaches by Pro Hel-
vetia, that supports and encourages young women entering the music scene. Sharm is a collective by DJ’s and producers Shatafa, Phil Batteikh and Leila Moon that promotes contemporary sounds from the Arab world by organizing events.