DATES: Berlin 2023

Spacer Woman

Spacer Woman is a DJ & producer based in Berlin, originally hailing from Istanbul. She sits at the center of an emerging scene, embedded in a diverse & genre-fluid sound: dance-floor-oriented, hard-hitting selections mixed with a flurry of ravey synths. She's known for unleashing high-NRG & collective ecstasy, and her creative and intuitive mixing style allows for continuous climbs & releases of energy directed at the dance floor.

On the production side, she has been gaining momentum by releasing two standout pieces titled "Tunnel Vision" & "Don't Stop, Harder" via Portuguese Electro-imprint Ovelha Trax with emerging producer DJ MAI. Currently, she is working on her debut EP that's due to come out in 2023.

Already known for appearing at standout event series like SPIELRAUM, Hoe-mies & ISMUS, as well as international clubs like De School (AMS), Elastica (LT), Kapitel Bollwerk (CH), and german clubs like OXI, About Blank, Rote Sonne & PAL, Spacer Woman is certainly here to stay!