DATES: Berlin 2021

Ya Tosiba

Ya Tosiba is indigenous-interplanetary music born in Azerbaijan then raised on solid-state circuits and cross-galaxy vocal exorcisms.
Her shaman groove was born when Helsinki-based Azerbaijani mystic, Zuzu Zakaria, hiked the backwaters of her heritage to make field recordings of perhaps Earth’s earliest freestyle rappers – Meykhana (‘winehouse’) word artists; Baku beat poets; subversives since the Dark Ages who use wine-infused verse to grip the listener with their outlaw energy. Meykhana was prohibited in Soviet Azerbaijan.

Extremely diverse in her influences, Zakaria blends Persian, Turkish, Azerbaijani and other sources together.
She has collaborated with Jimi Tenor, Mouse on Mars, Baba Zula, Patric Catani and others.