DATES: Berlin 2023


In Luna Ersahin’s voice, rests a story of the whole person in a composite world. In Turkish, Danish and Kurdish, she creates a fascinating universe in AySay together with Aske Døssing Bendixen and Carl West Hosbond. In the tension between Anatolia’s musical traditions, hand-played instruments and electronic productions, AySay’s unique expression arises. For the active listener, AySay’s music is colorful, interwoven and surprising. For the dancing listener, the music will be enthralling, groovy and uplifting. And for those who use music for an inner journey, Luna’s voice and lyrics will show depth, honesty and hope.

If Altin Gün, AURORA and Eivør sat down and wrote a song together, it would be the sound of AySay. AySay’s second concert ever was for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017. Accompanied by Aarhus’ jazz and symphony orchestras, and with 70,000 people in the audience, this unique event perfectly frames the trio’s ability to both convey essential human themes and embrace a wide audience, always aming to take step closer towards a society that rests in its many differences. Since that evening, AySay has, among other things, played Roskilde Festival, P6 Beat Rocker Koncerthuset and HEJ SØSTER FEST in Denmark as well as festivals abroad such as Sinsal (Spain), Arctic Sounds (Greenland) and Les Escales (France). In November 2022, AySay will go to Canada, where they, among other things, will play Mundial Montreal. Most recently, they have been nominated in three DMA Roots categories: Name of the Year, Album of the Year (Su Akar) and Luna Ersahin as Composer of the Year.

The band’s critically acclaimed debut album ’Su Akar’ was released in autumn 2021, and they will follow up in 2023 with the album ’KÖY’.